Owners and Investors

Advice on selling or leasing your real estate properties.

Evaluations and recommendations regarding the market price of your properties.

Drafting and developing the sales strategy and marketing plan.

Legal and economic advice on lease or sale contract negotiations.

Changes in lease price and re-negotiation of agreements.

Optimization of the profitability on your real estate portfolio.

Active search for real estate properties for purchase and investment.

Legal real estate services.

Office Users

Analysis of real estate needs.

Presentation of the available products and selection of the best alternatives.

Studies on the technical, economic and zoning characteristics of the properties selected as finalists.

Legal and economic consultation on negotiating lease and purchase agreements.

Planning, optimization and implementation of office space.

Tracking the maturity and expiration dates of lease agreements and lease price changes.

Optimization of space, logistics of moving and occupying office space.

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